Mo' Print - Month of Printmaking: Celebrating the Art of Printmaking

17 May - 13 June 2020

Upsilon Gallery is pleased to present a curated selection of prints and multiples in celebration of the art of printmaking. Printmaking is generally described as transferring artwork to paper through printing — yet there are a number of techniques on doing so. Printmaking is unique in that each print — while it may be of the same design — is each an original. Artists often appreciate small differences between prints — as printmaking is a unique process done by hand.


This collection features rare and exquisite artworks by some of the top names in the field of printmaking, such as David Hockney, Ellsworth Kelly, Vija Celmins, Robert Motherwell, Osvaldo Mariscotti, Yayoi Kusama, and Roy Lichtenstein, among others.