• Upsilon Gallery is delighted to present an exclusive online exhibition highlighting recent work by color abstractionist Osvaldo Mariscotti, demonstrating the gallery’s ongoing collaboration with the artist. In September, Upsilion Gallery published and released a series of screenprints created by Mr. Mariscotti, based on his latest body of dynamic paintings, Curves. This viewing room has been set up with the aim to give our private and institutional collectors an intimate view of the artist’s respective output, currently on display at Upsilon Gallery, New York.


    The thoughtful presentation of this alluring and significant body of work resonates throughout. Basic hues in reflective and iridescent compositions offer a saturating warmth and a vibrancy that encompasses the essence of art and literary legacy with an unexpectedly brilliant contemporary light. Osvaldo Mariscotti’s method at first seems arbitrary, with chance playing a major role in the paintings, but, with closer examination, reveal a methodical if not mathematical precision, referencing models of conceptual allusion and illusion.


    He explores color as the key component in the successful dissemination of information. Taking cues from his artistic predecessors of non-objective practice, Mariscotti maintains a resolute and programmatic rejection of the visual referent, and an affirmation of an autonomous artistic language that is both armed with a semiotic understanding of the creation of meaning and grounded in its own material properties. He maintains a profound affinity with the linguistic insights articulated by lyrical poetic practices, celebrating the direct expressive qualities of the basic units of color as language — letters and words.


    Not concerned with leading the viewer’s eye beyond the limits of the canvas like his ancestors, Mariscotti instead, involves himself with the infinite potential to open up levels of meaning achievable though mimetic representation within the core physical boundaries of the picture frame. He sets up linguistic pages, of sorts, beautifully and lyrically executed paintings and prints that create a busy arena for the eye, to be read literally, emotionally and intellectually, as one does a cherished book — stories to be read and reread.



  • Curves (Positive) & Curves (Negative)

  • Osvaldo Mariscotti

    Book of Color September 21, 2019 On the occasion of the pre-publication launch of the artist's latest editions of prints, Osvaldo Mariscotti met with Upsilon Gallery to discuss the series of paintings that inspired them, as...
  • About the Artist


    Osvaldo Mariscotti’s prolific career as printmaker, painter and sculptor has spanned over four decades, and his iconic images are internationally renowned. One of the most significant artists working today, Mariscotti's dedication to the interaction of form and color has led to a continued exploration of perception. He takes over the most basic elements of Suprematist art, the straight line and the square, a choice that reflects the emphasis he places on the shapes produced by man rather than those existing in nature. His works are very significant, made from the decomposition of figures such as the rectangle, which is then decomposed into its essential colored lines on a black background. Mariscotti's search puts him in the context of geometric conceptualism: that reality of thought that holds figuration as malaise and searches for synthesis, as a model to pursue. His art examines the "non reality" and breaks it down into geometric shapes, to arrive at the development of a new code.